October 7, 2017 - October 14, 2017: Ziebach Team

The team from Dothan & Enterprise, Alabama, led by Eugene Ziebach, and assisted by board member Dr. Lewe West, served in the local town of El Plan, where the HBDM mission compound is located.  They finished off the year of teams for the mission with both a soccer camp and a medical/dental brigade in HBDM's own clinic.  It was a busy (and hot!) week for all, but at the end of the day, all the glory was given to the Lord for the many blessings given and received throughout the week.   


Part of the team ran three days of soccer camp for kids ages 6 to 13 on the local soccer field.  There were two 3-hour sessions of camp per day and in these sessions the kids learned about different aspects of sportsmanship (such as determination, enthusiasm, teamwork, obedience, etc), went through four different stations of soccer drills, played in soccer games, and were able to hear testimonies from different team members.  On the last day, the gospel was shared as well and the kids also received a soccer ball for their participation throughout the week.  Three ladies from the group also ran a "children's church" during the camp hours for children who were too young to participate in the soccer camp.  They worked so hard to share the gospel with even the littlest of ears and to keep the young ones entertained while the older kids played.  Both jobs were extremely rewarding, and it is hard to say who was blessed more, the children who attended or the team members who were blessed every day by the hugs, laughter, and smiles of the kids.      

The morning group on the last day of soccer camp receiving the soccer balls that the team brought for them. 

The morning group on the last day of soccer camp receiving the soccer balls that the team brought for them. 

The other part of the team ran the HBDM clinic for four days, and was able to serve the people of El Plan and surrounding communities.  They provided medical care, dental care, and reading glasses, in addition to sharing the gospel with patients before they entered the clinic.  The medical staff was able to see some very sick patients and to provide care and medical education as best they could.  In the evenings, the entire team had the chance to worship and fellowship with the local Assembly of God church, called Monte Sinai, and on the last evening the entire congregation gave hugs and blessings one by one to each team member!  The relationship between the team and this church is beautiful, and despite the language barrier, it is evident that there is a mutual love and appreciation between both groups of people!  After all, we were all made to worship the same God!   

Despite the heat, crazy kids, and long lines of patients, every team member worked hard to use his or her gifts for the Lord throughout the week.  Many team members were doing jobs that they had never done before or things that may have seemed insignificant at times, but it truly took each and every person to achieve the end goal, which was loving people and spreading the gospel!  Though each team's time in Honduras is short, we are confident that the Lord uses each team and each experience to spread his Kingdom and to make us into the people he wants us to be.  The job isn't easy and the results aren't always visible, but we have faith in a God who has sent us all out to share the Good News and who will come back in victory and collect those who are His one day soon!   

Team Stats: 

Bibles Distributed: 184

Medical Patients: 837

Prescriptions Filled: 3662

Dental Patients: 73

Teeth Extracted: 50

Fillings: 27

Hygiene Patients: 5

Children's Church & Soccer Camp: 410

Glasses Given: 125