September 17, 2017 - September 24, 2017: Cotton Team

The team from both Cleveland, Tennessee and Laurel, Mississippi was led by Lawrence Cotton,  and they traveled to the town of Luquigue, Yoro.  This town, located a few hours Southeast of the mission compound, was situated a little ways up in the mountains providing plenty of warmth during the day but cool, refreshing weather in the mornings and nights.  The team, or should we say family, had both plenty of new and "veteran" members this year and they united together to joyfully serve the people of Luquigue. 


One of the highlights of the week for the team, was meeting a man named Thomas who had been a Christian for many years, but had never been baptized.  He came to the clinic one day, received a Bible, and asked if the team could baptize him.  The team told him yes, but he then left and no one was sure why.  It turns out he was just returning home to get a towel!  He came right back, and Lawrence, the team captain, had the privilege of baptizing this man!  What a special experience and what a privilege to be a part of this celebration of the public declaration of salvation!

Thomas and some of the team members after his baptism!

Thomas and some of the team members after his baptism!

Other unique parts of the week included being able to deliver rice and beans to other towns in the mountains, taking polaroids of the kids that they were able to keep for themselves, and hearing the how the Lord had worked in each team member's life to bring them to Honduras.  The team truly was a family this week and they opened up about the hard and difficult parts of their lives and how the Lord was working his redeeming power in each of them, even in the midst of trials and uncertainties.  They bonded together under the Lord and this gave them even greater strength and power to go forth in doing the Lord's work.  When we are united as the Body of Christ, sharing with each other our successes, failures, and struggles, the Lord blesses us with a freedom to live and love genuinely and to use each of our strengths together to glorify Him!  

As with many teams, there was no shortage of laughter through the week, and I think by the end of the week all the team members had the "bacon song" stuck in their heads that Lawrence made up about one of the team members who cooked the bacon.  There was also plenty of moments of reflection and of worship.  Two young ladies from the team took turns singing worship songs to start off the devotional times each day and their beautiful voices rang loud and clear in praise to the Mighty One.  What a privilege to worship, to laugh, and to serve all together as one Body, doing the Lord's work until His return.  And may He come soon!  

Team Stats:

Professions of Faith: 137

Bibles Distributed: 832

Medical Patients: 923

Prescriptions Filled: 4005

Dental Patients: 128

Teeth Extracted: 228

Children's Church: 300

Glasses Given: 153

Pounds of beans/rice/corn meal given: 850 lbs of each 


Photo credit: Many of the photos above were taken by professional photographer Chloe Lukasiewicz.  Many thanks to her for capturing these special moments.  Check her out at!