March 11, 2017 - March 18, 2017: Jenkins Team

The team from Texarkana, Arkansas, led by Melanie Jenkins had a wonderful week in El Potrero, La Paz, which is near the southern border of Honduras.  El Potrero is in a valley but in order to get to it one must take very steep and rocky roads down the side of a mountain.  Because of this, it was too dangerous to take the large truck (which holds the team's supplies) or the bus.  On the day the team arrived, they had to unload everything from the big truck onto smaller pickup trucks to be taken down the mountain, and then many of the team members walked down the mountain to the school in El Potrero.  The team was joined by many young men from the town who helped take all of the supplies down on their own pick up trucks.  Additionally, one of the trucks crashed into the side of the mountain due to some unexpected rain (and mud!), and the men from El Potrero helped tow the truck back to safety.  (No one was injured except the truck itself!)    

Not a great quality picture, but a great team!

Not a great quality picture, but a great team!

One of the really neat things the team was able to participate in, was giving of shoeboxes to the children of the school in El Potrero.  One of the churches associated with the team had packed these boxes months before the team was scheduled to arrive and shipped them to the mission to be sent out with the team.  The boxes included stuffed animals, toys, games, hygiene supplies, and a gospel tract, among other things.  It was so adorable to watch the children open their boxes and discover all the goodies within them.  Many of the kids were very shy about opening their boxes because they didn't want to lose anything that was given to them.  It was a precious morning being able to give these gifts to the children and to see their joy from recieving such simple things!

Waiting to open their shoeboxes!

Waiting to open their shoeboxes!

Because of its remote location, El Potrero has never had any kind of mission team come directly to them.   The team was excited to be the first outsiders to provide medical services for the town and they were blessed in return by the gratitude, generosity, and graciousness of the people of El Potrero.  Some of the members of the team were also able to help the local baptist church lay a cement floor for their church building. (This was backbreaking work for sure!) Afterwards, the team was able to attend a church service led by both of the Evangelical churches in the area.  Though their location is remote, the gospel is thriving El Potrero and it was a privilege to worship with the faithful and passionate believers from the town. 

Stats from the week:

Professions of faith: 103+

Bibles given: 316

Medical Patients: 600

Prescriptions filled: 2500

Dental Patients: 132

Children's Church: 150