March 19, 2017 - March 24, 2017: Norris Team

The team from Dumas, Arkansas, led by Ronnie Norris, stayed in El Plan for the week and served at the HBDM clinic.  A few weeks before they arrived some of the HBDM staff went to some poorer towns about 15-20 minutes away (by car) from the mission and preregistered 450 patients to be seen at the clinic while the Norris team was there.  Not all of these patients showed up so the team was able to open the clinic up to some of the local people of El Plan as well.   

One of the ways the team personalized their time with every patient was by doing one-on-one evangelism before patients were seen in the clinic.  This was a wonderful opportunity to get to know each family on a more personal level, to understand their views the gospel, and to explain the good news in a way that would reach them better.  Many teams that serve with HBDM see too many patients per day to be able to do something like this, so it was encouraging to be able to speak directly to each person about Jesus' love for them!  

Team members with kids at the school

Team members with kids at the school

During the clinic days, the team saw lots of infants and children.  They were able to give out clothes previously donated to the mission to some of the children in need.  There were also lots of pregnant mothers that come through during the week and the team gave diapers and newborn clothes to these expecting mommies!  After the clinic was closed each day, the team members had the opportunity to explore El Plan, experience the culture, and meet some of the people in the area around the clinic.  They were able to go to the school and play with the kids, hunt for a local candy shop, go to the pulperias (small shops in people's homes), and learn more about what it is like for the people of El Plan.  Though the people in El Plan are by no means the most impoverished in Honduras, their homes are still small and their resources meager.  They are a joyful people, though, and many of them are very passionate about the Lord, understanding that it is He who provides for all their needs!   

Stats from the week:

Professions of faith: 59

Bibles given: 152

Medical patients: 569

Prescriptions filled: 2604

Dental patients: 56

Glasses given: 150

Children's Church: 200