February 4, 2017 - February 10, 2017: Whitaker Team

The team from McGhee, Arkansas, led by Jim Whitaker, traveled to Santa Cruz, Comayagua, which is a few hours south of El Plan, where the mission compound is located.  This team was originally supposed to go to another location, but the mission's plans with the other location fell through, and the team still did not have anywhere to go the night before they were scheduled to leave the compound.  As He always does, though, the Lord provided an answer, and the mission received a call back from the school director in Santa Cruz saying they would love to have a team come.  Also, to the team's surprise, Santa Cruz had just been blessed with a new school by an organization in Spain, which meant running water, electricity, nice classrooms, and real bathrooms for the team members!  What a blessing!      

When teams run clinics in the field, they use the local school building.  This means that the kids usually get 3 days off of school.  However, because the director of the school did not know until the weekend that this team would be coming, he did not have a chance to let the children know that they would not have school the first few days of that week.  This turned into a blessing for the team as the entire school showed up Monday morning and the team was able to talk to all the kids at once.  A few members shared with the students about what kind of jobs they had in the states and another member shared the gospel with the students and teachers.  This also was a great way for news to spread about the clinic, as the town did not have an advance notice of the medical brigade coming.    

The students listening to the team members talk about Jesus on the first day of the clinic.

The students listening to the team members talk about Jesus on the first day of the clinic.

It was a great week and the team was able to see many patients, including some with severe disabilities.  The team was also able to walk around the town and meet many different people, including a man who ran a carpentry shop out of his house.   A few team members were able to help him in his shop for a few days and they were even allowed to build their own set of chairs and a small table!  Another great part of the week was playing the local team in a friendly soccer game.  The team would rather not disclose the outcome of the game, but they were able to pray with all of the guys afterwards, so that counts as a win for them!  

Stats from the week:

Salvations: 116

Bibles given: 1504

Medical Patients: 1146

Prescriptions Filled: 6451

Dental Patients: 212

Children's Church: 296