January 28, 2017 - February 4, 2017: Burt/Carozza Team

The team led by Joe Burt and the Carozza brothers, from Arkadelphia, Arkansas, was our first team of 2017 to travel off the compound for the week.  They traveled to a mountainous area a few hours south of the mission compound, called Chiligatoro, Intibuca.  

The Lord decided to send this team a little surprise during the week, in the form of a cold front.  This made things a bit more interesting but the team persevered in the midst of the cold and was able to see a people who were very hungry for the gospel.  The last time an HBDM team had visited this area there was not an evangelical church.  This was something the team had been praying for before they arrived.  The Lord was surely working in this town because during one of the clinic days, a pastor showed up who said that he had started an evangelical church and had a total of 12 members.  What a blessing to hear!  Also, during the course of the week, almost 30% of the patients seen in the clinic made a commitment to Christ!  What a revival and what a blessing to already have a pastor in the area to help these new believers in Christ.    

This team had many physicians, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, dentists, and many other team members with varying jobs.  We had two members from the team collect clothes and food to give to every family which was very much needed in Chiligatoro.  Another wonderful blessing was having two optometrists with the team and some special equipment to evaluate the patients' eyes and prescription glasses for those who needed it.  Additionally, after returning to the compound, one of the team members led a women's conference for the women of the local church.  This was a wonderful time of fellowship and learning.  The faith of the Honduran women was truly a blessing to the Americans serving. 

The women who attended the women's conference

The women who attended the women's conference

Stats for the week:

Salvations: 338

Bibles given: 850

Medical Patients: 1207

Prescriptions Filled: 4914

Dental Patients: 211

Glasses: 269

Children's Church 517