February 11, 2017 - February 18, 2017: Hodde Team

The team from Texarkana, Arkansas, led by Tonja Hodde, went to San Marcos De La Sierra, Lempira, located a few hours south of the the mission compound, close to border of San Salvador.  They ran two and a half days of clinic in San Marcos and then returned to El Plan and visited the schools in the local community.   

One of the ways this team chose to share the gospel was through a drama.  The drama presented the gospel by telling the story of a toymaker and his son.  It was set to music and involved dancing and acting in order to present the story of creation, Jesus' birth and death, and reconciliation with God through Jesus.  The team was able to present the drama a few times in San Marcos, to two different schools in El Plan, and to the church El Plan.  It was a really unique way to relay the message of Jesus to the children!  

Presenting the drama in one of the schools in El Plan

Presenting the drama in one of the schools in El Plan

Another blessing during the week was seeing the way God worked in the hearts of the team members during their time in Honduras.  This team had a lot of young people on it and a lot of members who had never been on a mission trip before.  At the end of every day team members had the chance to share about their experiences throughout the day and it was such an encouragement to hear team members share about the Lord changing their hearts and about their desire to continue to be missionaries when they returned home.  After all, we are all called to be missionaries wherever we go - may He be glorified through us always!    

Stats from the week: 

Salvations: 51

Bibles given: 560

Medical Patients: 914

Prescriptions Filled: 3961

Dental Patients: 155

Eyeglasses given: 147

Children's Church: 123