April 22, 2017 - April 29, 2017: McCartney Team

The team from Gadsden, Alabama spent the week serving in San Nicolas, Intibuca, a few hours south of the mission.  Their team leader, Bobby McCartney, was unable to make the trip due to health issues, so Jack Carter had the privilege to lead this wonderful team during their week in Honduras. 

This team had a busy week, serving three days in the field and another day at HBDM's clinic in El Plan.  One of the big projects this team undertook before they arrived was collecting gently used clothing to give out in the field.  This was a big hit with the people of San Nicolas and many team members worked tirelessly during the week to sort through the donated clothes and shoes to make sure everyone who came through the clinic received something they liked.  Another special part of the week included the chance for one of the members to donate school supplies to two different schools in the area.  This team member's church donates supplies every year to support schools in poverty.  A few of the team members were personally able to deliver these school supplies, which they said was a very uplifting experience. 

One of the schools that received school supplies. 

One of the schools that received school supplies. 

On the medical side of things, the week included some very unique medical patients, including one woman who was hit by a motorcycle in front of the school in which the clinic was being held.  This resulted in a large wound (luckily only to skin and soft tissues) and the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and many other assistants worked hard to clean and suture the wound, give intravenous fluids and antibiotics, and keep the patient as calm and comfortable as possible.  The team was able to make multiple home visits the next day where they redressed the wound, gave the patient and her family home care instructions, donated food and blankets to the family, and prayed with them.  The other special patient the team met was a 4-year old boy who is in need of a liver transplant.  This is a very complicated situation but the team visited with him and his family multiple times throughout the week and collected the necessary information to work towards a transplant.  This boy had the most precious smile in the world and his twin brother has already passed away due to similar health problems.  Please keep him in your prayers as MANY things would have to fall into place for a transplant to even be possible, including temporary relocation to the U.S. since Honduran medical facilities do not perform transplants. Also, if you are interested in contributing financially to this cause please contact us!  

Stats from the week:

Professions of Faith: 256

Re-dedications: 52

Bibles Distributed: 600

Medical Patients: 1540

Prescriptions Filled: 6325

Reading Glasses Given: 186

Sunglasses Given: 168

Dental Patients: We don't have our final number yet, but the team had 4 dentists, so they were able to see many patients in need of extractions, fillings, and root canals!