May 20, 2017 - May 27, 2017: Ayers Team

The team from Raymond, Mississippi, led by Chris Ayers, traveled to a very small village called Lempira, Yoro, located a few hours East of the HBDM mission.  Lempira is a beautiful town set in the middle of the mountains and the team was blessed to be able to share the message of the Good News in this place.  

One of the many blessings of the week was being able to serve the numerous children that came through children's church and the clinic.  These children always had a smile on their face, (except maybe when the "scary" doctors were trying to look in their ears or the dentist was trying to pull teeth out) and their joy was contagious.  Outside of loving on the kids during children's church, the team was able to play soccer, blow bubbles, and run around with the kids all through the week.  They were also able to give the sweet little girls dresses that some of the women from the team's church had sent with the team.  And of course, we can't forget to mention the especially ornery little boy who lived on the school property with his family and kept the team entertained all week with his antics.  It was a blessing to have such precious little faces around to remind us all that joy does not come from possessions or being comfortable, but from the Great Giver of all good things.   

Team members with some of the kids from the village. 

Team members with some of the kids from the village. 

One of the unique parts of the week was being able to do home visits, both medical and spiritual.  There was a particularly ill man whom the team visited during the week because he was too sick too travel to the clinic.  This man had suffered two strokes and because of them is now bed-ridden at only 57 years old.  He has few visitors and he was so excited to have some of the team members spend time with him.  The team prayed over this man, anointed him with oil, and did what they could to provide for his physical needs as well.  It was a truly touching experience for those who were able to meet him.  Another great privilege was seeing the faithfulness of the local Evangelical pastors, their passion in proclaiming the gospel to their own people, and their joy in serving alongside the team.  There is a passage in Isaiah (52:7) that says,"How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news."  This passage was truly lived out through the week, not only by the team, but also through the lives of the local believers.     

It was a great week and it was truly a joy to serve, to share the good news, and to be loved on by the people of Lempira.  We continue to pray that the church in Lempira would be strengthened, that their sick would be healed, and that the gospel would flourish and bring glory to Him who sits on the throne. 

Team Stats:

Professions of Faith: 36

Re-dedications: 6

Medical Patients: 981

Prescriptions Filled: 4414

Dental Patients: 181

Teeth Extracted: 232

Glasses Given: 450