May 27, 2017 - June 2, 2017: Cammuse Team

The team from Nashville, Tennessee, led by Andy Cammuse, traveled to a very small town called El Rodeo, Intibuca, located a few hours south of the HBDM compound.  This town was way up in the mountains (where it is quite chilly) and had only five public buildings in the entire community.  People traveled from far away and through rough terrain to be seen at the medial and dental clinic and this provided the opportunity for the team to share the good news with people from near and far.   

The town of El Rodeo has no Evangelical church so the group held church services in one of the community buildings.  The group was, however, able to connect with a pastor from a Baptist church "a little ways away" and at the end of the week they gave the "salvation cards", containing the contact information of the people who gave their lives to Christ during the week, to this pastor.  The team definitely encountered many people very hungry for the gospel and it was a privilege to be ambassadors for the Great King.  Part of being ambassadors means we go where the King sends us and we believe the King led this team to this town on purpose. Some of the local people told the team members that they had been praying for someone to come and help them for some time.  The Lord is faithful and we believe he allowed the team to be an answer to some of these prayers.  

One of the nurses with some of the kids and their goody bags!

One of the nurses with some of the kids and their goody bags!

During the week the team saw hundreds of children.  In fact, the team actually had to leave early because they had run out of so many medications, particularly those needed for the children.  One of the unique ways many teams, including this one, share the gospel with children (and adults) is through the Evangicube.  This a small object that looks like a Rubik's cube that has pictures of the salvation story.  You can turn the cube different way to make different pictures and in this way, kids can visually learn about Jesus and the good news. The kids of the town were very quiet and reserved, hardly saying anything, but we pray they remember the pictures and the story they learned about Jesus through this tool!     

Also, on this team were two professors from Belmont University along with four of their pharmacy students.  It was a great experience for these students to be able to practice their skills in a much different environment, and also to be able to observe some of the medical stations and learn how the prescribers choose the medications they want to give to the patients.  The way medicine, nursing, dentistry, and pharmacy are practiced in the field is much different than practitioners are used to in the U.S.  It is a learning experience for all who come, but HBDM is so thankful for those who give up their time (usually vacation time) to serve in a much different capacity in the field.  We are also so thankful for all of our Honduran staff and translators who make each week possible.  Almost every single team member shared how wonderful our translators and staff were and we know we would not be able to do any of this without them.  The people of El Rodeo also showed their great appreciation for the team, translators, and staff members by bringing gifts (usually food they have grown for their families).  The people were so respectful, gracious, and thankful and it was a privilege to be with them for the week.  We give praise to the One who deserves it most, for He is the one who provides for all of us.     

Team Stats:

Professions of Faith: 103

Bibles Distributed: 475

Medical Patients: 980

Prescriptions Filled: 4124

Dental Patients: 176

Teeth Extracted: 229

Children's Church: 254

Eyeglasses Given: 172