June 18, 2017 - June 23, 2017: Bohannon Team

The team from Laurel, Mississippi, led by Andrew Bohannon, traveled to the beautiful town of Cerro Blanco, Comayagua, Honduras.  Cerro Blanco is up in the mountains which provided the team a little coolness, a little rain, and some breathtaking views of God's handiwork.  The town is located about three hours south of the mission compound and does not have an Evangelical church, so church services were held in the town's community center.  Despite the rain, it was a great week and the team was able to serve in many different ways. 

Andrew's team was the largest of the year so far, and this allowed them to see a large number of people each day and to do have a wide variety of stations in the clinic.  The most surprising thing that happened during the week was when a 19-year old boy was brought into the clinic late one night because he had been hit across the eye with a pellet from a shotgun.  His eye and eyelid were severely damaged, so the doctors and nurses cleaned and bandaged the wound, while other team members prayed over the boy and contributed financially so that the he and his father could travel to the nearest hospital.  The young boy and the friends that accompanied him were most likely in a gang so it gave the team an opportunity to spread the light even in some of the darkest places.  Other unique ways the team was able to serve include: giving away many things to the community such as hygiene supplies, clothes, toys, and bedding materials; multiple pastors having the chance to preach the gospel to packed church services; and through the donation of soccer balls to the school director and her students.  It was a busy week, but rewarding nevertheless.       

Kids waving their goodbyes at the school gate on the last day.

Kids waving their goodbyes at the school gate on the last day.

One of the things that was really special for the team was having worship every night led by some of the young adults and teens on the team.  This was a beautiful time of praise and it helped the team to remember what their goal was and who their God was.  Additionally, team members had the chance to speak encouraging words to one another and to share in the successes and hardships of the day during this time.  These were precious moments and maybe even a glimpse of what heaven will be like one day.     

Also, this week, we want to give a shout out to our amazing kitchen staff.  Not only did they have to feed over sixty people everyday, but they did this all the while keeping a smile on their face and serving food that was absolutely delicious.  The kitchen staff works hard every single week but this team could not stop raving about how great the food was.  Xiomara, Carmen, and Ada (back at the compound) put a lot of work into preparing things that are filling, tasty, and that everyone will eat.  Let's face it, HBDM, it's staff, and it's teams certainly could not survive without these wonderful ladies.        

This team was certainly a delight to host as there was a lot of laughter, a few practical jokes, and a whole lot of hard work put in everyday by each and every team member.  The gospel was preached, medicines were given, teeth were pulled, children were loved on, and it was all in the name of our great Jesus.  He is the one who calls us to go and who calls us his own.  All praise be to him!  

Team Stats:

Professions of Faith: 66

Re-dedications: 5

Bibles Distributed: 2212

Medical Patients: 1882

Prescriptions Filled: 6743

Dental Patients: 340

Teeth Extracted: 405

Children's Church: 380

Eyeglasses given: 280