June 24, 2017 - July 1, 2017: Bernstein & Slay Team

The team from Jacksonville, Alabama (along with a few members from Kentucky as well) traveled to the town of Santa Elena in La Paz, Honduras.  Santa Elena is many hours south of where the HBDM compound is located, towards the border of El Salvador, and it is located up in the mountains.  The team was led by two longstanding captains: Peter Bernstein and Bob Slay.  This was their 13th year leading together and it was officially their last time as team captains.  There was a special ceremony to honor these men at the end of the week as well as to pass the torch onto the new team captains: David Neisler and Terre Gable, who began their duties as of July 2nd.       

The team saw over 1,000 people each day of the clinic and had the normal medical, dental, giveaway, and pharmacy stations.  Also, each person that passed through the clinic had to go through a church service before being seen, and those who were not believers had an additional chance to talk about the gospel one-on-one after the clinic.  The team calls this "rebound" and it is an opportunity to discuss the gospel more in depth and to answer any questions non-believers may have.  The Lord must have ripened the hearts of this community before the team arrived because there was a very large number of people who gave their lives to Jesus both in church and in the rebound sessions.  This is the largest number HBDM of salvations has seen in one week and we are praising God for his work!  Another great way the team was able to serve the community was through a veterinarian on the team.  A small group of people went out with the vet each day to make home visits to livestock owners and they had the opportunity to deworm cows, dogs, cats, pigs, horses, and goats as well as to share the gospel and give away Bibles.  It was a busy yet blessed week! 

Pastor Derek praying the prayer of salvation with some of those (raising their hands) who decided to make the choice to follow Christ. 

Pastor Derek praying the prayer of salvation with some of those (raising their hands) who decided to make the choice to follow Christ. 

One of the most meaningful ways a team member described his week, was by saying that God put together this group of people, who would have never gotten together on their own, and worked through them to live out the gospel better than they could have done on their own or with a group of their own choosing.  Through the week there were many ups and downs, both as a team and personally, but the team members supported each other spiritually, physically, and emotionally through it all.  Many of the members of the team have been coming together on these trips for years and it is easy to tell that they are like family to one another.  Just as Christ has called his people to use their spiritual gifts as a part of one body, the team members each used their unique roles to work together to spread the gospel as a unit.  They, and all of the teams that serve with HBDM, live out what it means to be the body of Christ.  We are thankful for this, but mostly we are in awe of a God who chooses to use us as we are and who orchestrates the events in our lives to be used for his glory.        

We believe God used this team to accomplish his purposes in Santa Elena and we know that he will continue to grow the new believers there as well as to finish the good work he has already started in believers both in Honduras, and America, and throughout the world.  

Team Stats:

Professions of Faith: 1,470

Re-dedications: 64

Bibles Distributed: 3,000

Medical Patients: 3,430

Prescriptions Filled: 13,309

Dental Patients: 351

Teeth Extracted: 521

Children's Church: 1,000

Animals Seen by Veterinarian: 325