July 29, 2017 - August 5, 2017: Martin Team

The team from Dothan, Alabama, led by Bobby Martin, traveled to Nuevo Celilac, Santa Barbara, a village a few hours Southwest of the HBDM mission compound.  They spent the week serving in this beautiful community and building relationships with the generous people who live there. 

This team was able to serve the community of Nuevo Celilac in many ways.  They offered the normal medical and dental services, as well physical therapy and veterinary services.  The team also brought with them one of HBDM's infamous translators and warriors for the gospel: Irma. Irma is a native Honduran, from the northern coast, and she has worked on and off with HBDM for many years as a translator and missionary to her own people.  She has a loving, compassionate heart and a way of sharing the love of Jesus that draws others to her and opens hearts to the gospel.  She worked in eyeglasses with one of the team members and helped others "see" in more ways than one.  She is most definitely a blessing to HBDM.  Another way some of the younger members bonded with the community, was through soccer games on the concrete "field" at the school.  Kids, youth, and young adults came to play with the team members and staff until dark every evening.  This is a special way for team members to share their love and acceptance of others without having to speak the same language.  The love of the game surpasses cultural barriers and is a vehicle for the gospel.     

Some of the kids hanging out during a soccer game after a day at the clinic. 

Some of the kids hanging out during a soccer game after a day at the clinic. 

The team was also able to make two home visits during the week, one to an elderly couple and another to a man with schizophrenia who had been living in the streets on and off.  The team was able to provide medical care for both these patients as well as minister to them spiritually and pray over them.  A few team members also had the chance to bathe and feed the man with schizophrenia and to help clean up his makeshift "shack" that he was talking shelter in.  It can be heart-wrenching to see others in these situations and to wonder if there will be anyone to care for them after the team leaves.  We trust these situations to an almighty God who says he knows the number of hairs on our head and every tear we cry.  We have the privilege of being His hands and feet for a short time but we know he has and will continue to provide for the needs of the "least of these" after we leave. 

The team experienced many things during the week from nightly showers in the rain, to beautiful church services, to a baptism of one of the team members on the last day.  They gave what they had - both physically and spiritually, and trusted their gifts to a good Creator.  They were blessed in return by a generous church who made beautiful little dolls out of corn husks for each team member and by other members of the community who brought food for the team.  We are blessed to be a blessing, and both the community and the team certainly lived this out through the week.   

Team Stats:

Professions of Faith: 162

Re-dedications: 2

Bibles Distributed: 786

Medical Patients: 1493

Prescriptions Filled: 7602

Dental Patients: 159

Teeth Extracted: 231

Children's Church: 377

Glasses Given: 521

Veterinary "Patients": 93