August 5, 2017 - August 12, 2017: Caldwell Team

The team from Weinert, Texas, led by Jamie Caldwell, traveled to Panina, Intibuca, a village located a few hours South of the HBDM mission compound.  One of the tribal peoples of Honduras lives in this village so the team was able to learn about some of the tribal customs and beliefs as well as shine the light of Jesus alongside the fellow believers of the village. 

The team spent a few rainy days in the beautiful village of Panina, but this did not keep them from loving on the people of the area.  They provided medical, dental, and spiritual care, and a few team members were even able to make a very muddy trip up the mountain to see a few homebound people.  On the spiritual side of things, many of the team members felt the presence of Satanic oppression in the village but also the strong and powerful presence of the Holy Spirit.  They were encouraged by the strong faith of the local believers who testified that everything they had was because of God and that because of his love they were able to love others.  The team was so touched by their time with the church and the community that they donated money at the end of the week to buy rain boots for all the children in the school.  The HBDM staff delivered the rain boots to the children the following week and sent the team pictures of the blessing they were able to give.   

Some of the children at the local school after receiving their rain boots!

Some of the children at the local school after receiving their rain boots!

One of the things the HBDM staff and the team were unaware of before they left for the field, was that a health fair was being held not far outside of Panina at the same time the team would be there. Because of this, the number of patients that came to the brigade was much lower than expected, and by the end of the second day the team had seen everyone that needed medical or dental care in the immediate area.  The team made the decision to head back to El Plan and to run the mission's clinic for the last two days of their week in Honduras.  They showed great flexibility in serving wherever there was a need, even if it wasn't where they had originally planned on serving.  Proverbs says that we may make plans but the Lord determines our steps, and that was certainly true for the team this week. 

Though small in numbers, the team had a big heart and made a big impact on both the people of Panina and the people living near the HBDM compound.  They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this team sure brought the Texas in them to Honduras.  There was no shortage of laughter through the week and both the "veterans" and new members alike served with great joy and generosity during their time here in Honduras. 

Team Stats:

Professions of Faith: 22

Re-dedications: 10

Medical Patients: 986

Prescriptions Filled: 3854

Dental Patients: 137

Teeth Extracted: 136

Fillings: 21

Children's Church: 77

Glasses Given: 246