July 22, 2017 - July 29, 2017: Murphey Team

The team from Opelika, Alabama, led by Larry Murphey, and co-led by Ben Ingram and Crawford Ledbetter, traveled to the village of La Rosa, Yoro, located a few hours East of the HBDM mission compound. This was HBDM's largest team of 2017 and because of their large numbers they were able to serve the community of La Rosa, as well as surrounding communities, in a variety of ways.  It was a full, yet rewarding week for the team! 

Some of the unique ways this team was able to serve in addition to the normal church and children's church as well as the medical, dental, optical (eyeglasses), and pharmacy stations included: veterinary services, physical therapy services, sports ministry, one-on-one evangelism, humanitarian services ("giveaways"), and home visits.  They also had two wonderful ladies who assisted the Honduran cooks in the kitchen to provide delicious meals all week for the team and staff.  It was a busy week and many people were able to work in a variety of different areas through the week.  One of the most rewarding experiences was going on home visits to provide medical care, physical therapy, and spiritual care to persons who were home-bound or who lived far away from La Rosa. The team even had the chance to work with a local wood shop to construct a walker for a patient with a foot deformity!          

Some team members and one of HBDM's translators with a family after a home visit in the mountains.

Some team members and one of HBDM's translators with a family after a home visit in the mountains.

The one-on-one evangelism, both during home visits and the brigade, was a very important part of what this team came to do.   HBDM is a medical and dental ministry, but above all our goal is to spread the love and good news of Jesus Christ.  The team met many people who were already believers and found that there was a large number of churches in the area, (praise God!), and this gave them the chance to encourage and be encouraged by other believers.  They were also able to plant the seeds of the gospel in many others lives and were able to see many decisions made for the Lord.  The numbers, however, are not what is important.  Every team that works with HBDM will tell you that even if just one person came to know Christ during their week in Honduras, that the work they did would have been worth it.  We are only the planters and the waterers, but God is the one who calls his children and opens their eyes and hearts to his gift of salvation.  We are simply called to be obedient ambassadors.          

It was a week full of sweat, tears, laughter, and praise.  The team was strengthened through the boldness of their youth, encouraged through the local Honduran church, and humbled by the great love of their God.  They even had a few laughs over the fact that the children's coloring pages were in Portuguese instead of Spanish.  It was a blessed week all around and it was evident that God chooses to use his children just as they are to do great things for his kingdom.

Team Stats: 

Professions of Faith: 147

Re-dedications: 7

Bibles Distributed: 480

Medical Patients: 1,377

Prescriptions Filled: 5,508

Dental Patients: 214

Teeth Extracted: 263

Children's Church: 286

Glasses Given: 428

Veterinary "Patients": 987