Mike Carder Team

Mike Carder Team: Chattanooga, Tennessee

June 11-18, 2016
Río Colorado, Intibucá
Salvations-  83
Bibles-  120
Children's Church-  225
Medical Patients-  1219
Prescriptions-  4370
Dental Patients-  218
Teeth Extracted-  323
Fillings- 53
Eye Glasses-  263


IMG_2177The clinic was held in this brand new school.


IMG_2200Our guys moving the tables and chairs from the old school to the new school


13466007_10209814814114926_4025901381081701411_nThe breathtaking view atop a nearby mountain-
That's the school in the center!


13445635_10209814813554912_4837997313034175601_nSeveral staff and team members trekked up the mountain
for a glimpse of the beauty.




IMG_2169Teaching the children


13403891_10209818037555510_948080439795238382_oLeading the children to the clinic after children's church
(School children in Honduras usually wear white shirts, but this community wore blue.)


IMG_2159Aren't they sweet?


IMG_2155Waiting in line with their classmates to attend the clinic


IMG_2151Three precious girls taking weights and blood pressure


13435515_10209818042075623_9032741500591902608_nMedical stations caring for the families






IMG_2143Dental station


IMG_2658Filling prescriptions in the pharmacy


IMG_2660The busiest person on the team- the pharmacist


IMG_2144One of the dear local ladies


IMG_2211Enjoying time with the children




IMG_2193A surprise interview with a Honduran television station about the mission trip


13466546_10209882374243887_8628195156767144266_nBusy in the HBDM dental clinic





IMG_2204Singing Happy Birthday (over Skype) to  team captain Mike who was unable to make the trip this year- The cake was delicious!






Wes McEntyre Team

Wes McEntyre Team: Bowdon, Georgia

June 4-11, 2016
El Playón, La Paz


Salvations-  150
Rededications-  24
Medical Patients-  1,210
Prescriptions-  4,259
Dental Patients-  290
Teeth Extracted-  470
Eye Glasses-  100+
21 Water Filters provided for clean water


13435450_969948653120704_1487245243904138486_nThe view


13445539_10101328869886358_3028316529451972920_nChurch services


13346615_10209777101812142_3447967492862684899_nChildren's church




13419240_1176646492386607_6359193948849103352_nReading the Bible together


13407271_10209777556503509_1744263797943196656_nThe line reaches from the clinic to the church services.


13346889_938046336312237_762200370071563282_nThe love language of touch 






13442178_10209777584864218_888751949408617127_nDental clinic


IMG_2094The give-away room- Boxes and boxes of clothes, shoes, purses and toys donated for the people of El Playón


IMG_2091[1] - CopyBuilding the water filter for the school with one of the locals         (Sorry the pic is turned.)




13450198_1209398202426057_1212739599905328778_nClean drinking water for the children at the school


13418971_1209398582426019_7058427522486281906_nTesting the water


13428433_10153828926056374_2871792089662907044_nLate evening community church service






Andy Cammuse Team

Andy Cammuse Team: Nashville, Tennessee

May 28- June 4, 2016
Naguaterique, La Paz
Salvations-  64
Children's Church-  800
Medical Patients-  1,521
Prescriptions-  5,801
Dental Patients-  170
Teeth Extracted-  230

13325707_10208469406865512_7687539877122249060_nEarly morning fog rolling in over the mountains


13343044_1737833396428670_2157445048454084847_n Registration line




13393910_1171748899552718_2685673053072018037_nPainting faces in children's church


13315243_10209714441245667_5583730368271734863_nBible story time


13332785_1170770002974256_7126744053026187974_nEyeglass station ready!


13346828_10208469408545554_35527124397968842_nSelecting the best reading glasses


13335844_1737833839761959_6921112121184909085_nMedical stations








Van Jones Team


Van Jones Team: Raymond, Mississippi

May 21-28, 2016
San Francisco de Soroguara, Francisco Morazán
Salvations-  78
Rededications-  10
Bibles-  264
Medical Patients-  930
Prescriptions-  4175
Dental Patients-  132
Teeth Extracted-  186
Fillings-  5
Eye Glasses-  500


13325529_10209669882571728_975847430125653487_nSan Francisco


13239144_10209669823490251_5433811598944440711_nRegistration and church services were held in the community center.


13267775_10209669810489926_6008686172948634740_nAlex registering the people


13321619_10209669808569878_2611710849631225402_nPastor Luis taking a break between services


13256033_10209669839330647_1838356151536981573_nUtilizing the salvation bracelet to witness to the children


13265950_10209669838730632_125108134836843883_nEach color represents a specific part of the gospel.


13315431_10209631936703324_8716307808398853047_nSharing the gospel


13315753_10209669905172293_86938766576773562_nAdmiring his new Bible


13322048_10209669820090166_4555720776866152998_n13312849_10209672339273144_6929391079855297537_nTeaching the story of Adam and Eve


13327389_10209669843810759_5175167417050453720_nHer first Bible


13260252_10209669848610879_1843301715448277309_nIntern Kaela is always holding a baby!


13266093_10209669852570978_2469266067068904733_nTwo sweet redheads








IMG_2040Anna handing out the medicine




Jamie Caldwell Team

Jamie Caldwell Team: Weinert, Texas

August 6 - August 13, 2016
Las Flores, Yoro
Salvations-  94
Bibles-  392
Children's Church-  410
Medical Patients-  898
Prescriptions-  3599
Dental Patients-  153
Extractions-  192

The smallest teams often get the most breath taking views.

Organizing the medicines in pharmacy

An early morning church service

Children's church

Patiently waiting their turn for the medical/dental clinic

Diagnosing illnesses, prescribing medicine and loving on the people

Three medical stations set up on this porch

Tooth extraction station

Peering out the window at the medical stations

Bobby McCartney Team


Bobby McCartney Team: Rainbow City, Alabama

April 16-23, 2016
Yarula, La Paz
Salvations- 424
Rededications- 8
Bibles- 450
Children's Church- 669
Medical Patients- 2281
Prescriptions- 8825
Dental Patients- 861
Teeth Extracted- 517
Fillings- 20
Eye Glasses- 389


13063425_10155189578453973_8232792805232532246_oHaving fun in children's church


13063316_10206288736080607_2080149265255926488_oMedical and pharmacy team working together to help this girl


13055681_10206288735480592_112883646383488446_oShe broke her arm and it didn't heal correctly, and now has a terrible infection.


11188380_10153685586513973_7285919793021825604_nPouring up liquid medications


13087231_10206288734240561_3919619139700491251_oThe give away station bringing smiles to all


IMG_1842[1]Making music with one of the give away items


IMG_1863[1] (2)A little princess helping us clean at the end of the day


IMG_1938Sights in the community


IMG_1953[1]We served in this same community four years ago.  Here's a then and now picture of Anna.


IMG_1870[1] (3)We met Marcos four years ago.  He remembered us and we remembered him.


13047886_10206288751921003_4298176620054234646_oWorshiping in the community center at the end of the day

Melanie Jenkins Team

Melanie Jenkins Team: Texarkana, Arkansas

March 5-12, 2016
Tegucigalpita, Yoro
Salvations- 63
Rededications- 10
Bibles- 48
Children's Church- 221
Medical Patients- 900
Prescriptions- 3400
Dental Patients- 138
Teeth Extracted- 198
Eye Glasses- 123




1485890_10205843719995204_4706787827303469510_oBreathtakingly gorgeous


1078601_10205840698279663_5178658611878137615_oGathering for the church service before clinic


image(3)Playing games with the children


10338442_10205843627712897_9093472747383948564_oConsulting with the nurses and doctors


IMG_1690Hiking the high mountain after clinics and found a school way up on the mountain


1421041_10205843709634945_5806691254596052029_oTeam delivering handmade blankets and shoeboxes filled with all kinds of goodies to the school on the mountain



image(5) Examining their gifts

12829526_10205843711474991_2387239700390491635_o 12828334_10205843723675296_8566562549856919448_o 10688271_10205843727035380_2566693193222795344_oIt was a sweet time with the children.




Jim Whitaker Team


Jim Whitaker Team: McGehee, Arkansas

February 6-13, 2016
Malguara, Intibucá and El Plan, Cortés
Salvations- 207
Bibles- 976
Children's Church- 427
Medical Patients- 1436
Prescriptions- 7859
Dental Patients- 352
Teeth Extracted- 397
Fillings- 169
Eye Glasses- 587

Part of this team served in the village Malguara while the others stayed back at the mission and served in El Plan.

10295778_1130036017015520_6674749142432588289_nCold air descending upon the community


12717517_10207511428136931_7631968623109046442_nBundled up while filling prescriptions


12733543_1130036030348852_6096618594125014188_nPreaching the gospel in the beautiful and cold outdoors


12742106_1130036033682185_7140072301246713412_nEscorting the elderly to the clinic


imageA former translator having dental work performed in our local clinic


12711189_10154538318593916_5142742351421093473_oNighttime services in our local church


12669709_794149881932_2989684667198158485_nVisiting area homes and making friends



Mike Lester Team

 Mike Lester Team: Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

January 16-23, 2016
El Plan, Cortés
Salvations- 140
Rededications- 34
Bibles- 1,170
Children's Church- 569
Medical Patients- 1,291
Prescriptions- 6,702
Dental Patients- 186
Teeth Extracted- 139
Fillings- 111
Eye Glasses- 232


12513673_1230253630322841_3656025032863484534_oEarly morning devotional time


image(3)Pastor Luis ready to lead the singing


12604750_1230252570322947_6386454488413035514_oPreaching the Word as others register for the clinic


12628577_1230253940322810_1374408662225944907_oSmiles in children's church


12640420_1230252166989654_8039050456319482844_oTriage station in clinic


12605389_1230252223656315_6999415673425014466_oConsulting with the doctor about her baby


12646936_1230252836989587_7900052497425233971_oServing and witnessing to those who serve


image(2)Witnessing through drawings to the children


12400884_10153869496062834_4713797508533904962_nDoor to door witnessing


image(1)Pastors conference attendees


11084183_1230255093656028_5580028955992322129_oLeading nighttime worship for the local church