Amy Owens team

Team Captain: Amy OwensHometown: Auburn AL Dates served: April 6-13, 2013 Village: Monte Verde, Intibucá Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 215 Bibles: 215 Medical Patients: 1229 Prescriptions filled: 4206 Dental Patients: 242 Teeth extracted: 372 ye Glasses: 398

Amy Owens' team set up clinics for the village of Monte Verde.  This team is comprised mostly of folks that work at East Alabama Medical Center.  Some of them work alongside each other in the hospital everyday and serve together in Honduras.  After this trip, an even greater bond between them is created.
The Owens' team always bring lots of things to distribute to the village people and this time was no exception. IMG_3313
Boxes and boxes of shoes being loaded to take to the village.
Over twenty boxes of brand new Sketchers were given out in the village and also over one thousand handmade dresses along with many other items stuffed into huge plastic movie popcorn containers.  But as Captain Amy said- "All that stuff is just stuff.  Giving them Jesus is much more important."
Before and After Pics- The Mom had some teeth pulled
and the girls received new dresses.
Some of the team members went on morning runs through the village every day while another group did a morning walk instead.  As they were walking, they came upon a home with an older couple and their grandchildren.  They asked the couple if they had been to the medical clinic yet.  No, they were told, but their grandchildren had.  The team members encouraged them to come, but the man had to work in the fields and the woman wouldn't come without him.  Then, one of the nurses remembered he carried around his nursing tools in his backpack. He evaluated them right then and there and determined what medicine they needed.  The team members walked back to the clinic, got the prescribed medicine and brought it back to the grateful couple.
On the team's last day in Honduras, we all spent the day at the beach together enjoying each other and God's beautiful creation.