Andy Cammuse team

Team Captain: Andy CammuseHometown: Nashville, TN Dates served: May 24-June 1, 2013 Village: Santa Cruz Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 226 Medical Patients: 1296 Prescriptions filled: 6117 Dental Patients: 130 Teeth extracted: 373 Eye Glasses/sunglasses: 291/130 Bible School: 343

Santa Cruz had the most animals I have ever seen in a village.  Across from the school were pigs, chickens, dogs, and turkeys and toward the church were cows, horses, donkeys and more pigs.

IMG_3914    Children’s church was held outside where we competed for the children’s attention against large hungry pigs and even a cock fight.  IMG_3899

But it’s tough to beat team member, Prisca and her animated Bible stories. The children listened intently as if they had never heard the stories.  When asked to raise their hand if they had a Bible in their house, very few did.  It was humbling to see how excited the people were to receive a copy of the Word.

Rainy season began while we were there as it poured every evening and lost power two nights.  We still held worship services at the local church.  The pastor and his family worked with us every day.  His children laughed and played with us at the school and church.  Their church was hungry for God and for others to come to know Him.  The pastor said that everyone kept asking him, “How did you get this mission to come to your village?  What did you do?”  He said he kept saying the same thing over and over.  “God did it.  We didn’t do anything.”    They did do something.  The church had been praying for something to happen-to awaken the village to Him.


A news man even showed up at the school to interview John about the mission.  The clinics were even publicized on a neighboring town’s radio station.

We met a sweet woman at the clinic who was 111 years old.  Her seventy-eight year old daughter brought her.  She had no major medical needs.IMG_3926


A dad brought his daughter with a nasty wound on the bottom of her foot.   She had stepped on a stick.  It poked an inch and a half deep hole and was badly infected.   Nurse Stephanie gently attended to her and taught the dad how to clean the wound and wrap it.  Stephanie asked the dad to bring her back on Thursday morning at 8 before the team packed up and left.  She didn’t know we were leaving at 7.  Several of us were praying that they would show up in time.  About ten minutes before we left, they appeared.  Stephanie unwrapped her foot and was relieved to see that it was now healing.  Her dad was treating the wound just as he was told.  We could now leave knowing that the young girl was better.IMG_3982