Bob Leal

Team Captain: Bob LealHometown: Clinton, Arkansas Dates served: Jan. 11-18  2014 Village: Vera Cruz, Copan Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 75 Rededications: 20 Bibles: 1500 Medical Patients: 1450 Prescriptions filled: 7354 Dental Patients: 272 Teeth extracted: 282 Glasses: 465

Another great start to the year with the Leal team!

IMG_5740IMG_5718IMG_5734IMG_5739                   performing minor surgery

                      Leal 141                         last church service

The following was written by a Leal team member.  God is at work in the lives of those who come to serve, even while they are serving others.  Thank you Jesus!

"I had the opportunity to go on medical mission trip to Honduras and I went. In the weeks prior to going, I started feeling guilty because everyone that was going was going on a mission from God. I had not been that close to Him and even further since we lost Tommy. I had not spoken to God since that terrible loss. My expectations were to hopefully break down a wall i had built between me and God. I knew He was great, but for some reason couldn't find myself to speak to Him. On the way down, I was jealous of all those around me that had a connection with Him and I so longed for it. The first day in Vera Cruz, Doc asked me to come help with a young man that had a injury to his leg. He had been dealing with this off and on for some time. When I saw him he had a sweetness about him that reminded me of my son Tommy. After we did what we could, he asked for a toothbrush and and hat. We couldn't find a hat and I asked if he didn't mind wearing mine I would give it to him. He didn't mind so I gave it to him. I was very happy to see it on him. I told him he reminded me of my son and asked if I could have a picture with him, he smiled andLeal 14 agreed. The next day he returned for more treatment and again I was asked if I wanted to come see him, I did with much joy. He face was so bright with happiness i could have spent the whole day with him. He told me (through a translator) that he wished he had a mom like me and, of course, that just melted me . The last day he came and all I had time to do was wave at him, glad to see him. As I worked, I heard a voice from behind me, I turned to see him outside the window.  I hurried to the window and he handed me a note (in Spanish, of course). I asked one of the translators to read it to me and she did. We were both crying by the time she was done. In short, it said he did not have the love of a mother and if I was his mother he would have been happy growing up. He had nothing to pay me for what I had done except to wish me well. He had no idea his kindness was all I needed. Later that day I saw him sitting alone on some steps and I asked a translator if she would mind going and translating for me. We sat on the steps telling each other our stories of our losses, and I told how i had not spoken to God since the loss of my son. Cristian, who had been saved just 5 months, told me "You shouldn't not talk to God because he has been walking beside you EVERY DAY". My heart opened like it had not before. I went to the outhouse and prayed like I hadn't in the last 2 1/2 yrs. I thanked God for bringing me to Honduras and sending Cristian to me, God is very powerful and He new he had to bring me down there and place a young boy who reminded me of my son in my life so He could talk to me. I listened and I have a new peace inside me and as for as the longing I have for my my Son, I know he is well and in the best hands a mom could ask for."