Bob Leal Team

Team Captain: Bob Leal
Hometown:      Clinton, AR
Dates served:  January 12-19, 2013
Village:            Lempira, Yoro

Team Stats:    Professions of Faith: 48

                       Rededications: 14
                       Bibles: 1350
                       Medical Patients: 1131
                       Prescriptions filled: 5252
                       Dental Patients: 288
                       Teeth extracted: 372
                       Glasses: 229
When we arrived at the school, many locals were cleaning the class rooms, moving furniture, and weed- eating the school grounds.  This was the first medical team in their village in over fifteen years and they were grateful and excited.  And we were excited too!
The road leading to Lempira included several river crossings, so the mission kept in close contact with the school administrator right up till the day before.  Too much rain would have made the roads impassable. The road ended in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains, Lempira. Simply Beautiful.  The village had no electricity, but there was plenty of cold water.  Several of the men slept on the school porches instead of enduring crowded classrooms.  The night sky rewarded their decision.
People from ten surrounding communities attended the clinics and overflowed the nightly church services.  The team performed six surgeries and made six home visits.
On Friday, some team members chose to work the new clinic at the mission compound and saw over 70 patients.  DSC04338This was the first time the clinic was used for medical, dental, optometry and pharmacy.  To see our medical/dental mission finally able to serve our own community was both gratifying and humbling.
During team share time, one of the teenagers made a statement that captures all this mission is about- "If you sell everything you have, and give it all away to help others, it still won't be enough.  But if you give them Jesus, He's more than enough."
         One of the beautiful river crossings.