Bob Ledlow

Team Captains: Bobby and Liz MartinHometown: Dothan, Alabama Dates served: Aug.10-17  2013 Village: El Zapote, Victoria, Yoro Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 139 Bibles: 797 Medical Patients: 1988 Prescriptions filled: 8971 Dental Patients: 323 Teeth extracted: 424 Vet numbers: cattle-341, horses-102, swine-22, dogs-15 Glasses:762

DSC00422Because of illness, Brother Bob was unable to attend this year. Thanks to his daughter, Liz, and her husband Bobby who led the team.

In clinics, one of the doctor's patients was a three year old girl who obviously had something wrong.  Her lips aIMG_4572-001nd fingernails were blue and her skin pasty.  The doctor listened to her heart and knew she needed a specialist.  The team agreed to sponsor her for treatment.   The following week the little girl and her family came to the mission to spend the night and go to the doctor the next day.  When she walked into the doctor's office, the doctor couldn't believe she was there.  She said that she had seen this girl about 9 months earlier and didn't think she was still alive. Surgery is needed but no doctor in Honduras will touch her. She needed a specialist. The doctor heard that a team from the US would be here in 2014 and that she would notify us when they came.


The last class of the last day of children's church only had 9 children. The children's workers and I were hot and tired. We decided that we would go through the salvation bracelets and play games with the kids.  One of the teachers asked the kids a question about Heaven and some of the children looked puzzled.  He asked if they knew what heaven was. They shook their heads no. He asked if they had ever heard of Heaven. Again they shook their heads no.  I said, "Ask them if they know who Jesus is." He asked and to our surprise they shook their heads no.  "Have you ever heard of Jesus?"  And once again, no.  We looked at each other with blank stares.  God had different plans for this group. No games for this group. We spent the rest of the time telling who Jesus is and what He did, and how much He loves them.  We prayed for the children and walked them to their family who was holding Bibles from the church service.

IMG_4583They walked a long way to get to the school. One of their family members was pregnant and needed to go to the hospital. Team members paid for their bus fare to get there. John took the rest of the family home. On the ride home, they told us that no one had ever come to tell their community about Jesus.  We are planning on going there with a group in 2014.