Bob Ledlow's Team - October 2012

Bob Ledlow and his Alabama team arrived on October 13 and served the Lenca people of Chiligatora, Intibuca. This was one of the coldest villages ministered in this year with the high in the daytime only 59 degrees. Many of the team and staff slept in multiple layers of clothes. There was also limited electricity so the generators were run for the kitchen. Because of the lack of lights, the stars were visible in abundance encouraging ten team members to haul their sleeping bags outside for several hours. They were in awe and counted over thirty shooting stars. Despite the cold, the team was thankful for the opportunity to serve there and was welcomed into homes around the village. Many visited a local cloth factory where they observed colorful thread woven into lovely shawls, blankets, ponchos and head coverings which many purchased. On shopping day in San Pedro Sula, they ate Honduran cuisine at a local restaurant and toured a leather factory and shop. All were blessed by the owner’s testimony to the goodness of God.

Team Stats:

  • Professions of Faith: 144
  • Bibles: 575
  • Medical Patients: 1206
  • Prescriptions filled: 4165
  • Dental Patients: 164
  • Teeth extracted: 207
  • Glasses: 163
  • Children’s church: 590