Bobby McCartney Team


Bobby McCartney Team

Proteccion, Comayagua

April 18th-25th 2015

mccartney team

Professions of Faith: 154 Bibles given: 400 Medical Patients seen: 2085 Prescriptions filled: 8376 Dental Patients: 290 Teeth extracted: 385 Fillings: 48 Children's Church 402 Glasses: 172

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The team of 31 traveled from Gadsden, AL to Honduras this year to provide a medical/dental clinic. The team also provided school uniforms to students in need.  After arriving back to the compound from the field, the team worked one day in the on-site clinic providing medical treatment, dental treatment, eye glasses, and medications to the community while sharing the gospel with the people.   Many lives were touched with the love of this team, and we thank the Lord for their dedication and obedience.