Bobby McCartney Team


Bobby McCartney Team: Rainbow City, Alabama

April 16-23, 2016
Yarula, La Paz
Salvations- 424
Rededications- 8
Bibles- 450
Children's Church- 669
Medical Patients- 2281
Prescriptions- 8825
Dental Patients- 861
Teeth Extracted- 517
Fillings- 20
Eye Glasses- 389


13063425_10155189578453973_8232792805232532246_oHaving fun in children's church


13063316_10206288736080607_2080149265255926488_oMedical and pharmacy team working together to help this girl


13055681_10206288735480592_112883646383488446_oShe broke her arm and it didn't heal correctly, and now has a terrible infection.


11188380_10153685586513973_7285919793021825604_nPouring up liquid medications


13087231_10206288734240561_3919619139700491251_oThe give away station bringing smiles to all


IMG_1842[1]Making music with one of the give away items


IMG_1863[1] (2)A little princess helping us clean at the end of the day


IMG_1938Sights in the community


IMG_1953[1]We served in this same community four years ago.  Here's a then and now picture of Anna.


IMG_1870[1] (3)We met Marcos four years ago.  He remembered us and we remembered him.


13047886_10206288751921003_4298176620054234646_oWorshiping in the community center at the end of the day