Burt/Bridges Team

Joe Burt/Tonja Bridges Team: Arkadelphia, Arkansas

February 13-20, 2016
San Antonio del Norte, La Paz
Salvations- 79
Rededications- 11
Bibles- 875
Children's Church- 354
Medical Patients- 1031
Prescriptions- 3021
Dental Patients- 171
Teeth Extracted- 272
Eye Glasses- 1060


12729113_10153277469972413_8867875798561646609_nHot and dry area, but beautiful


12715794_10153600907310000_8536045703264561775_nGreeting the young patients with a smile and face painting


12743968_10153600885375000_4995998345049790059_nExtracting teeth


12743523_10153600906375000_7301259369466660795_nCleaning teeth


12729077_10153277469827413_4088502407093419318_nExamining eyes

IMG_1527Teaching the local elementary students about God through a skit


12745628_10153277474422413_4683529944418453631_n Beginning with the creation of the world and ending with the resurrection of Jesus


IMG_1533The crucifixion of Jesus


12742066_1132482323431185_4749699440191484271_nSelfies with the students after the skit


12728924_10153277474502413_4237041540616613656_nWorshiping with the local church