Cindy Gordon

Team Captain: Cindy GordonHometown: Laurel Mississippi Dates served: Oct. 6-11, 2013 Village: Subirana, Yoro Team Stats: Professions of Faith:110 Bibles: 200 Medical Patients: 2495 Prescriptions filled: 10,148 Dental Patients: 407 Teeth extracted: 515 Glasses: 407 Children's church: 544

Many, many people came to the clinic.  They lined up early each morning at the soccer field to register.

IMG_4969IMG_4984IMG_5013                     local church service

One of the families at the clinic touched our hearts when we saw the dirty little faces of the children with tattered clothes and no shoes.  The team quickly rounded up clothes and a box full of supplies.  They also took up money to buy food.  After they had received their medications from the pharmacy, we loaded them and their supplies into the truck and drove to the nearest food store.  John purchased rice, beaIMG_5010ns, corn and other food for the poor family.  We drove to their home.  It wasn't far from the road, but it felt like it.  We had to walk through thick sticky mud in a field of tall weeds and jump a ditch to get to the tiny house.  The house had hardly anything inside.  No running water inside or outside, no outhouse.  (Since then, we have visited this family three more times with bedding, mattresses and food.)