Eugene Ziebach Team

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Gene Ziebach Team

Dothan, AL

October 10-17, 2015

El Plan, San Manuel, Cortez

Push the Rock organized an awesome soccer camp to bless the community of El Plan.

Salvations- 6

Soccer Clinic Attendance for 3 days- 581 (Average of 193 per day) 

Bibles Distributed- 96

New Testaments- 104

Adult Tracts- 300

Children's Tract Packs- 198

Discipleship Books donated to Monte Sinai Church- 67

Medical Patients for 1 clinic day- 116

Prescriptions Filled- 441

Dental Patients- 38

Dental Extractions- 17

Dental FIllings- 11

Dental Cleanings- 10

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