Jim Whitaker Team


Jim Whitaker Team: McGehee, Arkansas

February 6-13, 2016
Malguara, Intibucá and El Plan, Cortés
Salvations- 207
Bibles- 976
Children's Church- 427
Medical Patients- 1436
Prescriptions- 7859
Dental Patients- 352
Teeth Extracted- 397
Fillings- 169
Eye Glasses- 587

Part of this team served in the village Malguara while the others stayed back at the mission and served in El Plan.

10295778_1130036017015520_6674749142432588289_nCold air descending upon the community


12717517_10207511428136931_7631968623109046442_nBundled up while filling prescriptions


12733543_1130036030348852_6096618594125014188_nPreaching the gospel in the beautiful and cold outdoors


12742106_1130036033682185_7140072301246713412_nEscorting the elderly to the clinic


imageA former translator having dental work performed in our local clinic


12711189_10154538318593916_5142742351421093473_oNighttime services in our local church


12669709_794149881932_2989684667198158485_nVisiting area homes and making friends