John Tyer Team

DSC02721John Tyer Team: Clinton, Arkansas

January 9-16, 2016
Zacate Blanco, Intibucá
Salvations- 41
Bibles- 682
Children's Church- 304
Medical Patients- 700
Prescriptions- 3708
Dental Patients- 112
Teeth Extracted- 140
Eye Glasses- 81

thumb_DSC02562_1024The whole earth is filled with His Glory.


DSC02132Singing in children's church


DSC02713Happy with her crayons, coloring pages, stickers and pencils


DSC02332Listening to patients' concerns and diagnosing illnesses


DSC02149Examining ears


DSC02178A mama offering comfort to her child during a tooth extraction


DSC02672Team members delivering rice and beans to homes along with Bibles and the gospel


DSC02640One of the joys of serving- holding precious babies