Ken Hopkins Team

Team Captain: Ken HopkinsHometown: Hattiesburg MS Dates served: March 9-16, 2013 Village: El Plan, Cortes Team Stats: Medical Patients: 201 Prescriptions filled: 711 Dental Patients: 90 Worship Attendance: 180 Bible School: 225 Veterinarian- Animals Treated Cows- 247          Horses-20 Dogs- 27            Goats- 14 Pigs- 14              Cats- 4


Once again the smallest team of the year made a huge impact on our own El Plan. The team stayed at the team house and worked the mission clinic for three days. Medical and dental cards were given out to three local church pastors who handed out the cards to their congregations. They were all excited, but one pastor was exceedingly thankful because he his congregation was in extreme need. Dr. Jorge and Dr. Delia also served non-stop at the clinic with the team. Much medicine was dispensed, teeth pulled and love shown. It was great meeting many of our neighbors.


-One of our sweet neighbors

The team also brought a veterinarian who drove around the community deworming, vaccinating, and spraying cows, horses, and pigs. The owners were very thankful and kind. One grateful family invited the vet and his helpers to stay for a home cooked meal which they did. Every night, church services were held at our own church. While Pastor Louis sang and preached to the adults, we held children’s services. Nancy, one of the team members, brought lots of great crafts for the children, a large story book, many creative visuals, music and a dancing puppet. One of the most memorable nights was the lesson on showing Jesus’ love to others. We had a foot washing. I chose one of the boys from the church, and I washed his feet while surrounded by almost one hundred children. It was moving.  Next, we asked the students to have a seat because we had a surprise for them. Then, we led them, about ten at a time, out of the room to outside.  When the students looked to the left, their eyes grew large. There were over 150 flip-flops lined up on the ground!  They immediately began trying them on until they found the perfect ones.

IMG_3027 On the last day, the team chose to head to the beach. We strolled to the other side of the resort and came upon a peaceful lagoon- a nice way to end the week.



A big thank you to this team for spending countless hours before and after clinic hours stocking meds and supplies in the clinic.