Laurence Cotton

Team Captain: Laurence CottonHometown: Cleveland, Tennessee/North Carolina Dates served: Sept.21-28, 2013 Village: El Plan, Cortes Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 263 Bibles: 450 Medical Patients: 1012 Prescriptions filled: 5449 Dental Patients: 140 Teeth extracted: 138 Food bags given out: 595

The Cotton team ministered to the people in our own El Plan.  They worked the clinic all week dispensing medicine, beanie babies and lots of love.  Nightly services were held at our local church.


 The team purchased 1000 pounds each of corn, rice, beans and corn flour. Every family that came through the clinic received a food bag.  Can you imagine the surprise on people's faces?  Free medicine and food too!  It helped open the door for hearts to listen to the gospel.IMG_4940

While witnessing door to door, some team members met a man whom the community feared because he openly worshiped the devil.  His home reflected his beliefs inside and out.  Undeterred by the warnings, Lawrence Invited him to church and to the clinic.  He showed up and was surprised at how well he was treated.  He came back the next day and gave his heart to Jesus.  Then he came back again the next day and brought his Mama who rededicated her life to the Lord.  Both were baptized.  They were overjoyed and his neighbors were too.    IMG_4951