Mark Pearson

Team Captain: Mark PearsonHometown: North Carolina/Mississippi Dates served: September 7-14. 2013 Village: La Mision, Comayagua Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 58 Bibles: 800 Medical Patients: 978 Prescriptions filled: 4623 Dental Patients: 114 Teeth extracted: 140 Children's church: 278 Salvation conversations: 427 Prison ministry attendance: 427


We were all excited when we heard the bus ride would be a short two and a half hours.  True to our motto-'Always be flexible', it was not the short ride we expected.  When we were about forty-five minutes from the village, we came upon a mud slide and had to turn around.  Alex found another route and after driving down that road, we came upon an accident blocking the road.  So again we had to find another road.  This time we took the 'back roads' and you can imagine how smooth that was.  But the view was gorgeous, a jungle looking area with large beautiful flowers and vegetation.  It was worth the extra time and hassle.


IMG_4855We spent Honduras' children's day with the locals.

The team performed two surgeries.  A bullet was removed from a man's thigh.  He said it had been there for a long 14 years.  On the second surgery, a worm was removed from a man's lower back.

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On Wednesday morning, Team Captain Mark and Missionary John decided that after lunch we should pack up and head back to the mission clinic.  With few patients and no water for two days, everyone agreed that the team had fulfilled their purpose for being there.  Before leaving, team members visited with several folks in the village.

Pearson 132

The local Honduran pastor and his family had lived in La Mision for only about 2 years.  They felt God told them to pack up and move there and start an evangelistic church.  Although they were both bold in sharing their faith, the church was struggling and they were beginning to get discouraged. And then we showed up.  Isn't that just like God?  The team members and staff ministered to them, prayed for them, and spoke encouraging words to them. What a blessing the team was to their family and also their family was to the team.  With 58 salvations, the pastor has many new converts to disciple.

Fridays are completely different for this team.  While half the team shops, the others are dropped off at the El Progreso prison to minister to the inmates. The prisoners are invited to attend a worship service and fifty chose to come.  A local praise team began the service and then a team member delivered the message.  Team members said that it was a moving service.  They were humbled to hear how the prisoners sang with sincere gratitude and how eager some were to hear The Word preached.  The team is planning on giving personal packs to the prisoners next year.