Mark Raney

Team Captain: Mark RaneyHometown: Waco, Georgia Dates served: May 3-10, 2014 Village: Ojo de Agua, Intibuca Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 176 Bibles: 800 Medical Patients: 1174 Prescriptions filled: 3948 Dental Patients: 199 Teeth extracted: 227


Last year, this team brought food and clothing along with dental services to Ojo de Agua.  When they obtained a medical and pharmaceutical team this year, they chose to return to the same community.

We had a little more difficulty with the roads this year because of all the mud.

Raney 151 Raney 152 Raney 154After several tries, the bus was able to get free, however, one of our large trucks was not so lucky.  It was stuck for two days.  All of its contents were emptied and hauled back and forth by our small trucks to the school a few miles away.  Although most of our men were soaked and muddy, everyone was safe.


Raney 162Raney 143The medical stations were set up in the same location as the clothing and shoes last year.


It was a wonderful experience seeing familiar faces, especially the children.  Of course, the people remembered all of us and were excited to have us back.

Raney 158

Last year, we met 18 month old Arabely Sanchez and her family.  Arabely was born with a cleft palate and badly needed surgery.  The team agreed to sponsor her surgeries.  When the family came back to the clinic this year, everyone was thrilled to see her again.  What a difference a few caring people and a few surgeries make.

Raney 161 Raney 160