Mark Raney team

Team Captain: Mark RaneyHometown: Waco,Georgia Dates served: May 4-11, 2013 Village: Ojo de Agua, Intibuca Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 118 Bibles: 400 Dental Patients: 274 Teeth extracted: 354 People served: 1413


The Georgia team served their village in a different format than most other teams. They chose to not bring a medical team this year. Instead, the team offered a dental clinic and brought rice, beans, corn, and corn meal to give out to each family.


IMG_3593Team members and staff members worked together to measure out the food into plastic bags. This took many hours, since there was over 1250 pounds of each. What seemed a tedious task became a competition between the corn team and the bean team. It was all worth it to see the families’ faces when they received the food. Along with the food, the families were given clothes, shoes and family packs. This is where team members and translators were able to spend more time with the people and witness to them.

IMG_3612 One family came with their 18 month old daughter, Arabely Sanchez, who has a cleft pallet. The team captain and team quickly chose to sponsor her for surgery. Her family agreed and she began her first of three surgeries last week.


        Before surgery


After her first surgery

The last day in Ojo de Agua was the most memorable of the week for many of us. By mid-afternoon, there were no more people registering and there were still lots of clothes, shoes, and food. John suggested that we pack it all up in the trucks and take it to the next village because they were also in need. The village school there was too small to ‘house’ a team and this would be one way we could serve them. Team Captain Mark agreed and everyone excitedly packed up the Toyotas. There wasn’t enough room in the trucks for everyone to go so Alex drove us on the bus. About twenty minutes later, we arrived at the village just as school let out for the day. We were right on time! We all jumped off the bus and followed Ronny as he led the children over to a grassy spot beside the school. Some of the village people saw and also joined the kids. Pretty soon, there was a large gathering. Cody, one of the team pastors, and Ronny spoke about Jesus and led in a prayer.


Then we lined them up with their families. Sooo many people… we began to wonder if there was enough food. Some of us prayed out loud for the Lord to multiply the food. And He did. There was enough for all who came. What a surprise and blessing to the people there, but once again we all felt more blessed to give.