Melanie Jenkins Team Texarkana, AR


Melanie Jenkins Team

Texarkana, AK

March 21-28, 2015 Las Hortencias, Intibuca

Below is a post by Katherine Wheat:

Seven people set out from Beech Street First Baptist Church on a mission, not really knowing exactly what they would be doing but trusting God knew all along. Five of us are between 61 and 78 (not saying who) and the other two are young "whippersnappers!" We set out to leave our good ole' USA and enter go up into a very small village (less than 250 people) way up in the mountains, Las Hortencia, Intibuca, electricity and other such necessities like we have here. Some of these people are very small and descendants of the Linca Indians. We went with Honduras Baptist Dental Mission, two Honduran doctors and one Honduran dentist and lots of meds along with blankets made by ladies here and with shoes for every child bought by a couple Sunday School Classes at our church and TONS of other goodies.  We went wanting to share with those in need, hoping to be Jesus' hands and feet there. Of course, anytime you do that, you are blessed more than anyone else.  We came home with full hearts.  Full of joy for the privilege of being part of that mission, full of hope for a reunion one day in Heaven with those we came to love in such a short time, and full of a desire to serve our Risen Lord! God is good all the time...all the time God is good!

Katherine Wheat

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