Mike Carder team

Team Captain: Mike CarderHometown: Rainbow City, Alabama Dates served: June 15-22, 2013 Village: Nahuaterique, La Paz Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 141 Bibles: 322 Medical Patients: 1651 Prescriptions filled: 6656 Dental Patients: 337 Teeth extracted: 459 Eye Glasses: 147 Near the border of El Salvador is the mountain village Nahuaterique.   Until the 1980’s, this was part of El Salvador and in 1992 it became part of Honduras.   The community receives little to no help from the IMG_4327government.  The road leading there has two road crossings still maintained by El Salvador.  Less than ten percent of the children attend school.  This was the ideal place for us to serve.

It took over seven hours to arrive at the village.  As Don said, ”It isn’t the end of the world, but on a clear day you can see it.”  And on a clear day we could see an inactive volcano in El Salvador.


Every afternoon it rained, but the people still came.


One woman arrived in tremendous pain.  Her teeth had been pulled by a local dentist, but the roots were still there and terribly infected.   The outside of her jaw was leaking pus.  Dr. Jorge was able to pull them out and relieve her pain. The woman left smiling.   Another patient, a 12 year old girl, had an unknown eye problem causing redness.  Since there wasn’t an optometrist on the team, we will make an appointment for her to see a doctor in San Pedro.


On our first clinic day, the children showed up to school in their uniforms ready for classes. They were quick to go retrieve their families.  Many children ‘hung out’ at the schools every day and played hours and hours with us.  Some of the sweetest moments were seeing the children with their new baby dolls. IMG_4104 And a joyous moment was when one of our own translators got saved!

Former HBDM missionaries, Buddy and Meredith Morehead, served on this team.IMG_4159  It was great to have them back in Honduras.

On Friday, many of the members chose to serve in our own El PlaIMG_4211n clinic.  All folks were given the opportunity to read the plan of salvation and many did.   One young man read the plan after receiving his new reading glasses.

The medical staff treated a woman with a young daughter who had little control over her body.  The young mother carries the daughter everywhere.  The team wanted to supply her with a stroller perfect for rough terrain.   A couple of weeks after the team left, John purchased the perfect stroller for the grateful mom.