Mike Carder Team

Mike Carder Team: Chattanooga, Tennessee

June 11-18, 2016
Río Colorado, Intibucá
Salvations-  83
Bibles-  120
Children's Church-  225
Medical Patients-  1219
Prescriptions-  4370
Dental Patients-  218
Teeth Extracted-  323
Fillings- 53
Eye Glasses-  263


IMG_2177The clinic was held in this brand new school.


IMG_2200Our guys moving the tables and chairs from the old school to the new school


13466007_10209814814114926_4025901381081701411_nThe breathtaking view atop a nearby mountain-
That's the school in the center!


13445635_10209814813554912_4837997313034175601_nSeveral staff and team members trekked up the mountain
for a glimpse of the beauty.




IMG_2169Teaching the children


13403891_10209818037555510_948080439795238382_oLeading the children to the clinic after children's church
(School children in Honduras usually wear white shirts, but this community wore blue.)


IMG_2159Aren't they sweet?


IMG_2155Waiting in line with their classmates to attend the clinic


IMG_2151Three precious girls taking weights and blood pressure


13435515_10209818042075623_9032741500591902608_nMedical stations caring for the families






IMG_2143Dental station


IMG_2658Filling prescriptions in the pharmacy


IMG_2660The busiest person on the team- the pharmacist


IMG_2144One of the dear local ladies


IMG_2211Enjoying time with the children




IMG_2193A surprise interview with a Honduran television station about the mission trip


13466546_10209882374243887_8628195156767144266_nBusy in the HBDM dental clinic





IMG_2204Singing Happy Birthday (over Skype) to  team captain Mike who was unable to make the trip this year- The cake was delicious!