Mike Lester Team

 Mike Lester Team: Fairfield Bay, Arkansas

January 16-23, 2016
El Plan, Cortés
Salvations- 140
Rededications- 34
Bibles- 1,170
Children's Church- 569
Medical Patients- 1,291
Prescriptions- 6,702
Dental Patients- 186
Teeth Extracted- 139
Fillings- 111
Eye Glasses- 232


12513673_1230253630322841_3656025032863484534_oEarly morning devotional time


image(3)Pastor Luis ready to lead the singing


12604750_1230252570322947_6386454488413035514_oPreaching the Word as others register for the clinic


12628577_1230253940322810_1374408662225944907_oSmiles in children's church


12640420_1230252166989654_8039050456319482844_oTriage station in clinic


12605389_1230252223656315_6999415673425014466_oConsulting with the doctor about her baby


12646936_1230252836989587_7900052497425233971_oServing and witnessing to those who serve


image(2)Witnessing through drawings to the children


12400884_10153869496062834_4713797508533904962_nDoor to door witnessing


image(1)Pastors conference attendees


11084183_1230255093656028_5580028955992322129_oLeading nighttime worship for the local church