Mike Lester Team January 17-24 2015

  lester team picture

The first team serving in the HBDM clinic this year consisted of a medical/dental/pharmacy staff. Two evangelism teams shared God's word through church services and door to door evangelism.  What a blessing this new team from Arkansas was to the community of El Plan.  A special treat for all was the band at our nightly church services.  Christy lead Spanish songs in worship along with Steve playing the guitar and Brother Terry playing the box drum.  The team also blessed the local church with a new sound system.  It was a wonderful week of spiritual and physical needs being met.

  • Professions of faith-51
  • Rededications- 19
  • Bibles- 1400
  • Children's church- 670
  • Medical patients- 1224
  • Prescriptions filled- 4949
  • Dental patients- 364
  • Teeth extracted- 128
  • Dental fillings- 153
  • Dental cleanings- 80
  • Eye glasses- 143 church service

lester team


lester dental