Peter Bernstien/Bob Slay Team

Team Captains:Peter Bernstein/Bob SlayHometown: Jacksonville, Alabama Dates served: June 29-July 6, 2013 Village: Vivistoria, Copan Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 261 Bibles: 2000 Medical Patients: 1683 Prescriptions filled: 6770 Dental Patients: 311 Teeth extracted: 462 Vet numbers: 556

The team arrived on a Sunday and headed straight for the village even choosing to eat a sack lunch on the bus giving more time to set up clinics and be ready to begin on Monday morning.


On Tuesday, we received word that an orphanage located about 45 minutes from the school was bringing their children to the clinic.  They arrived that afternoon in the back of a truck.


Workers quickly unloaded them and preceded to register the children.  The orphanage brought all their girls and the youngest boys first.  Irma spoke the Word to the children before they were ushered through. IMG_4386 IMG_4384Lots of hugs and necklaces were handed out. Many pictures were taken.

IMG_4382The children were thankful for their small stuffed animals and dental bags.

The following morning, the orphanage brought their boys to take their turn through the clinic.  They were very well behaved and laughed and played while they waited by the pharmacy.  IMG_4399 The team gave the orphanage Bibles, extra toothbrushes and toothpaste, toys and extra vitamins and other medicine to take back with them.  The orphanage leaders were grateful.  HBDM plans on keeping in contact with this orphanage in hopes of being a blessing to the children  They were sure a blessing to us.

The last station on this team was called the rebound station.  Right before the people exited, they were given another opportunity to hear the gospel.                 IMG_4366 After having heard the Word preached at the church and being shown the love of Christ through the clinic, many accepted Jesus in this station.

While serving in the village, the team discovered two teenage girls and an older woman who needed to see an optometrist.  One girl had severe problems seeing while the other girl had cataracts causing blindness. A couple of weeks after the team left, the three, along with their mothers, were brought to the mission.  They were excited and hopeful about seeing the eye sIMG_4405pecialist the next day.  John and Ronny took them to the doctor in San Pedro Sula where they were given the bad news.  He was unable to help either two girls.  It was too late.  Their eyes were already too bad and surgery would not help.  The news hit everyone hard.  Surgery would not even help the older woman, however, he recommended glasses to help improve her eyesight.  She was given an eye exam and received her glasses a few weeks later.