Rita James

Team Captain: Rita JamesHometown: Auburn, Alabama Dates served: April 5-12, 2014 Village:Tegucigalpita, Yoro Team Stats: : Bibles: 285 Medical Patients: 800 Prescriptions filled: 2299 Dental Patients: 186 Teeth extracted: 273 Glasses: 263

This small team was able to bless many communities with not only medical/dental care, but also with clothing and food.  On the last day of clinics, the team still had boxes of clothing and shoes to give away along with sacks of beans and rice.  A few of the team members loaded in the trucks with some of the mission staff and drove to a couple of villages farther away. They handed out sacks of food to the surprised and grateful folks.  When they returned, the team members were all smiles as they shared about their day.

We had already planned on stopping at a very poor community on our way back to the mission and giving away linens and toiletries.  Now, because of the excess from the team, clothing, food, shoes, and children's packs could also be given.  The pastor for their community allowed us to 'set up' in the church.  We brought one family in at a time and led them around the church outfitting each person.  It was so wonderful!

IMG_6206Henry, age 81, handed out candy to the children as they waited their turn to enter the church.  Henry came on the team with his 78 year-old brother and 76 year-old sister.  They were a blessing and an inspiration for the team and staff.


This woman is the reason we learned about this community. Last year, she walked with her children a long way to one of our clinics in another community. The team bought food for the family, and we gave them a ride home.  That's when we saw how much in desperate need every family in that community was.  We have been back to this community many times since then and are helping provide needed water and restrooms.  Thanks to Henry for helping this to happen.


IMG_6207 The handmade bears thrilled the children.



IMG_6228Xiomara helped to find the right size shoes for girls.


IMG_6224Carlos and Andrew helped the men find shoes and clothing.


IMG_6215 Families also left with blankets, towels and pillows.

It was a day of blessing.  And everyone on the team agreed it was their favorite day of the week.