Ronnie Norris Team

Team Captain: Ronnie Norris
Hometown:      McGehee, AR
Dates served:  February 23-March 2, 2013
Village:            Santa Elena,
Team Stats:    Professions of Faith: 321
                       Bibles: 1800
                       Medical Patients: 1472
                       Prescriptions filled: 7114
                       Dental Patients: 364
                       Teeth extracted: 449
                       Eye Patients: 385
                       Eye Glasses: 254
                       Bible School: 499

This team arrived without their beloved team captain, but quickly created a 'flat Ronnie' to carry around with them.  'Flat Ronnie's' photo was taken at every new opportunity.  Jim and Lesli Whitaker enthusiastically led the team in Ronnie's absence.

          Presentation of 'Flat Ronnie" in AR

Ronnie Norris

It was a seven hour bus ride to Santa Elena.  The days were nice and cool, but the nights were chilly with temps in the low 50s.  Many of our young translators borrowed jackets, blankets and sleeping bags from the gracious team members and staff.  Twelve of the translators on this team are still in high school.  After listening to the team members share about Jesus to the people at the village all day and witnessing God's love being shown, six of the translators accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour during the evening service.  The team was overjoyed.

During the clinic hours, a husband and wife duo and a translator trekked up and down the mountains witnessing and delivering Bibles.  All were inspired by their dedication and their miraculous stories at the end of each day.  None felt more blessed than them.
On shopping day, three women from the team helped shop for baby items for a young woman from our local church who had a C-section.  Her baby girl Eunices was less than a week old.  After arriving back at the team house, we walked to her mother's home to deliver the presents.  We were greeted by several members of the family and given lawn chairs to sit in.  One of the team members held the small baby while the rest of us oohed and awed.  We were humbled and moved by the hospitality shown to us.