Tonja Bridges

Team Captain: Tonja BridgesHometown: Texarkana and Arkadelphia, Arkansas Dates served: February 15-22, 2014 Village: Balfate, Colon Team Stats: Professions of Faith: 258 Rededications: 5 Bibles: 700 Medical Patients: 1915 Prescriptions filled: 6310 Dental Patients: 440 Teeth extracted: 593 Glasses: 627

Balfate is along the northern coast of Honduras.

Bridges Hundreds of people lined up early each morning to attend the clinic.

IMG_5899Some of our children's church classes had over one hundred children at one time.  Now, that was some loud singing!

IMG_5923After church services and while waiting to see the doctor, the people listened as team members shared their testimonies.

IMG_5928This is one of 258 who received Christ as Lord and Savior.


Bridges 141Some of the team visited a blind man who lived alone by the ocean.  They went to be a blessing to him, but he was the blessing to them.

Bridges 142Bridges 143 His home


IMG_5884Dr. Marc works to remove a piece of metal from a little boy's eye.

IMG_5912Sunrise devotion at the beach on the last day of clinics.