Tonja Bridges Team

Team Captain: Tonja Bridges
Hometown:      Texarkana/Arkadelphia, AR
Dates served:  January 26-February 2, 2013
Village:             San Isidro, Intibuca
Team Stats:     Professions of Faith:  292
                        Rededications:  30
                        Bibles :  1058
                        Medical Patients :  1541
                        Prescriptions filled:  8403
                        Dental Patients :  392
                        Teeth extracted : 497
                        Eye Exams :  483
                        Glasses :  396
The school in San Isidro had many large classrooms and a covered tile floor with a stage in the center of the school.  Definitely one of the nicest schools we have worked with.  The nightly church services were held at the school with three local pastors and their congregations attending and vowing to work together to win their communities for Jesus.   The pastor, whose church we used for the daily services, and his children sang each night at the church services while the pastor played the accordion.
The days began with sunrise devotions held on the mountain behind the school: the perfect quiet spot to focus on the Lord before the busyness of the day began.
Folks arrived early to be the first through the clinics each day and were overwhelmed with the kindness and love shown from the team.  The team set up a 'wal-mart' like store where shoes, clothes, toys, school supplies, baby packs and family packs were given out.  An English speaking person in the village shared with us how the community was telling story after story about the clinic and their gratitude for the mission.   Many people accepted Christ.
Last year, the school teachers on the team were burdened from the lack of supplies in the village classrooms.  This year teachers from two Arkansas school districts collected items for the teachers in the village. Items included- pens, staplers, glue, board markers, stick-it-notes, paper, notebooks, paper clips,stickers...all in storage containers for each teacher.  The teachers and administrator were thrilled when presented with the supplies.
After leaving San Isidro, we visited the gorgeous waterfalls of Pulhapanzak for a relaxing picnic and fun time together.
And like the other Arkansas team before, this team also chose to work in the mission clinic on Friday seeing 113 people in four hours.  Large amounts of medicine were given out along with the love of Jesus.
              Pulhapanzak Waterfall