MissionTeamThe Honduras Baptist Dental Mission sends a Mission Team of about 80 people -- half from Honduras and half from the US -- to a small town or village in Honduras every other week. Each team operates a medical and dental Mission for 3 days, typically Monday through Wednesday. The team includes a number of licensed medical professionals from both the US and Honduras, as well as translators and general volunteers. During the 3 days that the field Mission is open, about 2000 people of all ages will be seen. The locations are chosen ahead of time by our full-time, resident Missionaries, who seek to assist local churches and villages. By working with Pastors and leaders, the Mission will advertise on local radio and other means, to announce the dates of Mission. By the time the Mission opens on Monday morning, there are often people waiting in line to receive free medical and dental care, and hear the Gospel of Jesus.

The Mission provides medical care, dental care, pharmaceuticals, eye care, Bibles and more to the people of the village or town.



The Honduras Baptist Dental Mission is first and foremost a Baptist, Evangelical outreach organization, dedicated to both serving the people of Honduras for Christ, and reaching the unsaved. We believe Christ has called us to witness to and love the people of Honduras, through what we say and what we do. We freely give the gifts of medicine, dentistry and basic care, through the heart of Christ living in us, and the gift of the spirit living through us.

Each person seen at the Mission attends an evangelical message through either a Mission service, or for the children, though Children's Church. Each family will receive a full Bible in Spanish, and children receive New Testaments.

Medical Care

Medical-200x200Everyone who is seen at the Mission is provided basic medical care. Basic vitals are taken, and each person is interviewed by a licensed medical practitioner (M.D.'s and R.N.'s). Pharmaceuticals are provided for all types of basic needs, including asthma, parasites, eye and skin care, and more. If any emergency care is needed, the doctors can provide stabilizing treatments and wound care. All medical and pharmacy services -- and everything received at the Mission -- is free of charge.

Dental Care

Dental-200x200Any patient with tooth pain, or who wants to see a dentist, can be seen (free of charge of course) by a licensed Dentist. The Dental care provided typically involves teeth extraction.



Eye Care

Eyeglass-200x200Patients needing glasses can obtain free non-prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.




Veterinary Care

Veterinary-200x200While not all teams provide veterinary care, it is still very much needed as the people in the rural villages of Honduras rely on animals for food, transportation, milk and other sustenance. Animals include horses, cows, pigs and more.



Family Packs

FamilyPacks-200x200Each family seen is provided a Family Pack, a 1-gallon ziplock bag containing basic needs supplies, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, washcloth, soap, and other hygiene products, as well as toys and small gifts. Some teams provide backpacks for the children, a gift that may provide another child the opportunity to attend public school in Honduras (public school is free in Honduras, but the family must provide a backpack, supplies, and a school uniform, and many families can only afford these items for one child in the family).