HBDM Mission Facilities

God has blessed the HBDM Mission with a strong base of operations in Honduras. Donated to the mission in 2005 by the local municipal government, this 5 acre “compound” has richly blessed the mission and its work in Honduras. Located in El Plan, a village outside of the city of San Pedro Sula, the compound now contains housing for our permanent staff, mission team housing, warehousing, equipment storage and a clinic.

Everything you see below was built since 2005 using donated funds. To God’s glory, the mission has no debt associated with this compound or any of the buildings or equipment you see.

Tree in full bloom in late May; warehouse behind it

Tree in full bloom in late May; warehouse behind it

Warehouse (Bodega)

Ground broke on the warehouse in July, 2005, and is the cornerstone of HBDM mission operations in Honduras. The 9500 sq. ft. warehouse houses team supplies, a refrigerated medical store, covered parking for the mission’s vehicles, and space for mission employees to live. It also contains the mission office space. Many tons of supplies are shipped from the US, and pharmaceuticals and other medical supplies from Europe, to the mission throughout the year.


The compound provides medical and dental care to the surrounding El Plan community. Mission teams staff the 3000 sq ft. clinic several times per year. Services include medical care, dental care, optical care and a fully-stocked pharmacy. All services are free to the community, provided by the mission teams and the generosity of our donors.



In addition to the mission’s bus and box van shown here, we also own 4 pickup trucks, an SUV and an additional box van, used to move people and equipment from the compound to the mission field. The mission bus is owned an operated by the mission’s bus driver.

Team House

Teams fly in to San Pedro Sula on Saturday afternoons, and make their way to the compound for the afternoon. That night the team will lodge in the Team House, before leaving on Sunday morning for the mission field. Constructed in 2010, this building can house 60 or more team members, and provides a place to cool off and get a hot shower before making their way home at the end of the trip.


Missionary Homes

The mission compound is home to some 6 buildings in all, including 3 missionary homes that house our full-time missionary staff, and one additional guest house.

Murals at the compound